The Company

GONÇALVES FILHOS, LDA is an industrial company which is dedicated to produce and commercialise material for bottling and hardware, amongst its products, the corkers, the racks and the locks.

In the initial stage of its activity, in 1945, the company used to produce small draw and pieces for furniture and the industry of civil engineering.

In 1976, Gofil initiated a growth phase, when started to produce material for bottling. Its commercial effort is directed essentially to the international market, nominally: France, Spain, Belgium, Pays Bas and Canada, which absorbs nearly 80% of the company's production.

Gofil has a group of versatile machinery, which permits producing products of high quality at competitive prices, with a good acceptability in the market.

The company is in a development phase of new products, in order to conquer new customers and diversify markets.

The commercial relations with customers are consolidated through the permanent contact an sharing of supplementary objectives, in order to satisfy its needs.